Online safety

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A beginner’s guide: Online Safety Guide


What you should learn from this course?

  • The risks of using social media
  • How to use apps
  • App / account issues
  • Teen / Child safety
  • Personal safety
  • Social media safety
  • Email and social media reset

Did you know?

  • There are 750,000 sexual predators online at any given moment
  • Predators are trolling your Instagram so he or she can look at the pictures of you in a sports outfit
  • 50% of cyber bullying cases turn out to be your best friend
  • 58% of the cases reported online the children admitted cyber bullying out of revenge
  • No parent should let a child under 14 have a smart phone
  • No parent should let a child use social media under the age of 13
  • Children are live streaming themselves sleeping for money