14.1 Things that you should avoid doing on Facebook:

It might be a better idea not to give your phone number away to the world. After all, there are all kinds of people online – even on your big friends’ list.

  1. Researchers believe a human can keep around 150 stable relationships. You don’t have to cut your friends list to that number, of course. But it might be a good idea to virtually let go of people you would rather not share your news and pictures with.
  2. Tech World Zone was wondering, too, so they ran an independent test, which revealed that the Facebook app on Android phones takes at least 20% of your battery life. It turns out Facebook depletes the battery in the background whenever your phone is on.
  3. Everything Facebook knows about you is for advertising. While Facebook is “free and will always be” for you, it’s understandable it has to get money from someone else.
  4. If you tag your location once you are at home, everyone will be able to see where you live. Pictures with geo-tags from bars give away your partying locations where you might not want to see your ex or obsessive stalker, for example.
  5. Just don’t share your credit card details with anyone! If someone asks you to do it online, just don’t.
  6. You change your status back to single. Your friends tell you how he or she was never good enough for you, and you start posting status updates saying you feel “happy,” “inspired” and “better than ever!”… Sound a bit desperate, right?
  7. Your date of birth is actually very personal information and might be the puzzle piece someone might use to get access to your bank and other personal accounts. So it’s a good idea to keep it private.
  8. Burglars who rob houses are also more than happy to see travel updates. Moreover, some insurance companies reject claims coming from those who got burgled while on vacation.