2.2 Searching the internet Level 3

  • Why use a search engine?
  • Opening and using a search engine
  • Making your search better and safer

Why use a search engine?

The internet has millions of websites and webpages. You can search for almost anything – from recipes and local news, to history and gardening tips. To search the internet effectively you need a search engine.

A search engine will scan through thousands of websites and webpages on the internet and collect and organise the information it thinks is most relevant to you. Some of the most popular search engines are:

Opening and using a search engine

To use a search engine:

  • Open your web browser
  • Type in the address of the search engine you want to use in the address bar
  • Click the arrow key on the end of the address bar or press the enter key on the keyboard This will take you to the search engine

To search for information:

  • Type key words into the search box and press the search button
  • Key words are words that describe what you are looking for in the most simple and direct way, for example “green tomatoes”
  • The result from your search will appear as a list of websites and links. The most popular or relevant will be at the top of the list
  • To visit a site, click on a link

Making your search better

You can make your searching more effective by following a few handy tips:

  • Use key words not full sentences or questions. For example, instead of typing “I need tips for growing tomatoes” simply type “green tomatoes”
  • If you can’t find what you want, try different words or a different way of expressing it