2.3 Setting up your profile

The first thing that Facebook will suggest you to do is to add a profile picture.

It doesn’t need to be a picture of you. Although it is a good idea to use a picture of you because if you have got friends on Facebook who might want to find you would be looking to find a photograph of you to confirm that the person they are adding up on Facebook is exactly whom they are thinking of.

How to upload:

  1. You can upload a picture from your computer by clicking on add a photo
  2. You can also click on take a photo to capture a fresh picture of you using computer’s webcam.
  3. Note that another word for a profile photo is avatar.
    2.3 Adding Friends on Facebook:
    Second step is to look for friends to be added on Facebook. It would be totally fine even if you don’t add any people on Facebook. But most people will like to add friends, particularly if they

    want to enter competition life around, they would need friends to tag in competitions too. You don’t need to do this right now. We will do it later.