3.2 Sending and receiving email Level 3

Electronic mail or email is a quick way of sending messages to people using the internet. You send an email to a person’s email address.

Andy’s email address teachingemail01@gmail.com is made up of the following parts:

  • Info is the person’s name or user name – the name they use
  • The @ stands for the word ‘at’ and means that they are connected to the gmail.com part of the address
  • After the @ is the name of the place where the person works or the place which provides the email address
  • .com shows that the email address is for someone in the United Kingdom

Email in your inbox

You can tell it is a new or unopened email as it will appear in bold. You can see who it is from and the subject of the email. When you first login to your email you will see the following features:

Click the compose button to create a brand-new email, a small window will appear in the bottom right of your screen you will see the email has the following features:

1. A subject bar where you write what your email is about.
2. An address bar where you put the email address.
3. The main body of the email, where you write your message.


Why not try the following with friends and family (send an email)
Why don’t you give it a go by sending the following email  to teachingemail01@gmail.com
Dear sir/madam,
Thank you for the training I have received for IT. I have found it very useful and enjoyable. The tutor has a vast range of knowledge.
Joe Bloggs

Opening Email

You open an email by clicking twice on it, for example in the subject line. Once an email is open you can reply to it. You reply by clicking on the Reply button.

  • This will open a new email.
  • The address will already be completed as you are replying to the email
  • The subject line will be completed and will start with RE:
  • You type out your message in the main body of the page
  • You send by clicking on the Send button
  • To create a new email, you click on the New button
  • You type the email address in the address bar and a subject in the subject bar
  • Type in your message and then press Send