3.4 Forwarding an email and using contacts Level 3

You forward an email when you want somebody else to see it, such as another friend.

  • To forward an email you need to open it first
  • Next, click on the Forward button. A new email will open in a box below the email you are trying to send
  • It has FW: in the subject line to show it is being forwarded. You can type the email address in the address bar or find it in your contacts
  • To find an address in contacts you click on the To button
Choose your contact from the list that appears by ticking the box and clicking Insert. The address will appear in the address bar.
Once you have clicked insert click in the space shown below to start typing your message.  When you are finished click send

Remember: When you forward an email it’s important to check that you are only sending information that you want the other person to see.