3.5 Your email folders Level 3

Your email folders
There are different folders that you use for email. These help you manage and organise your emails.
·       The Inbox holds emails that people have sent to you
·       The Starred folder is for email you need to find quickly. Click a star on the start of any email message. No matter where the message is moved to you can always find it in stared until you remove the star by clicking on it
·       The Snoozed this is for email that need your attention in the future on the far-right end of your email subject you will see a clock, click it and choose a time to be reminded
·       A Sent box holds emails that you have sent to people
·       The Drafts is for emails you are writing but haven’t finished. You can come back later and finish them off
·       The Important is a smart folder that will put what Gmail thinks are important emails in it for safe keeping
·       The Chats is a folder for conversations you have had with people online with google message service
·       The Scheduled folder is for messages you want to send later. You can write them now like a birthday message. Instead of clicking Send you click the arrow to the right hand side then click schedule and pick a time to send it
·       The All Mail folder is all your mail regardless of where it is stored in Gmail
·       A Junk folder holds emails that your computer thinks are junk or SPAM To protect yourself against these types of emails follow these tips:
·       Don’t open an email from someone you have never heard of. Delete it immediately
·       If you do open it by accident, don’t click on any links. Never reply to a SPAM email
·       You can put a block on unwanted SPAM emails on your email account – this will also block most fraudulent emails too
·       Use an up-to-date web browser as these can warn you against sites that may try to gain your information fraudulently
·       A Trash can or folder holds emails that you no longer need and have deleted. To delete an email, you select it and then click on the Delete button
·       The Categories are folders included with Gmail to get organised
·         The Manage Labels and Create labels are for creating new custom folders for you to organise your email