4.1 Social Media – All tools no skills

Social media is crippling our ability to think for yourself. Reasearc has show we are loosing the ability to problem solve and reason on subjects,

Here are some examples

Example 1

  • Who remembers the “I Dunno days?”
    When a parent would ask you questions and your response is “I dunno”. Now when someone asks who sings that song? “Who let the dogs out”
    5 phones are whipped out of pockets and the answer is out before the screen has time to warm up.
  • We rely on other technology to keep us safe and don’t use our brains to fend for ourselves. We have no tools.  The same skills we use for problem solving are the same skills we use to protect ourselves from danger.
  • So what’s the problem? “We live in an instant gratification society. It has to be now. The danger is you become too reliant on tech for the answers. If your tech goes down you don’t have the skills or the tools to solve the problem.
  • Example 2
  • Social media instant gratification is having a devastating impact on long term goals  
  • A child draws a picture for a parent and the parent says “good job” then goes back to their phone and social media
  • Parents don’t give feedback anymore and focus on the effort.
  • E.g. I love this picture and the colors – accurate feedback is important – child smiles and tries harder next time.
  • Social media sites use this it’s called “Social reward” and “social punishment”. Likes are rewarded – dislikes are the punishment