5.1 Finding through Facebook Search bar

Either you can click on “Find Friends” at the top in the blue ribbon or you can also write your friend’s name in the Facebook search bar.

Finding through Facebook Search bar

If you want to add friends on Facebook, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Type the name of your friend in Facebook Search Bar in the upper Blue ribbon.
  2. Also mention the city where he/she resides, this is because in case if your friend has added the city information in his profile, it will be easier for you to search him as Facebook will skim the profiles with that name and city in results.
  3. See the results and find your friend.
  4. Click on “ADD Friend” tab in front of the name of your friend’s profile.
  5. See if the add friend tab changes to Friend request Sent, if yes you have successfully sent a friends request to your friend on Facebook.

When your friend accepts your request, you will see a notification as shown below.