6.1 Social Media Safety

  • Uncheck the Facebook – Settings – privacy – Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile? NO
  • Relationship issues – please don’t post your rant online your future boss might see it!
  • Posts that Come Back to Haunt a Child Later in Life – The Internet does not have a delete key. Anything your child puts online is nearly impossible to remove later.
  • Embarrassing photos – would you want your parents or boss/school to see it – obey the 10 second rule – breath in breath out and think before you post.
  • All posts can be screen shot so even if you delete the original an hour later the screen shot can be reposted.

But teenagers in particular are not thinking about how a future boss—or, one day, a prospective spouse—might respond to “amusing” images or other personal content that they post to their social media profiles or other websites.

  • Revisions can be seen on Facebook – think before you post
  • Don’t post underage – drinking, smoking, illegal activities –police have it in black and white!
  • Don’t post your credit card details online – even with partial information your card and account can be found.
  • Remove any third party apps/games from your account – these can be hacked and then gain access to your account