7.1 online safety – Email Safety

  • Your email account is the key to your digital life
  • When you reset your social media password where does it go?  “Give me access to your email I have access to everything online because of password reset.”

Email and Social media links:
I have access to your email. I have your whole world online. So from there I can find out your social media accounts. Then your bank then you’re online shopping.  

  • By connecting to free Wi-Fi you give away a lot of information
  • Leaving your Wi-Fi on and Bluetooth leaves your safety at risk from hackers and scammers.
  • Scammers will setup a free Wi-Fi hotspot to gain access to your phone / computer / tablet.
  • There is software that can suck the digital contents from your phone in seconds

Information Includes

  1. Location Data :- your home address, the places you visit
  2. Social media login details – these are stored in your apps
  3. Photos and private messaging