7.2 Child Safety Tips

  • Who posts pictures of themselves in school or 6th form? Or the first day at school.
  • Child can be identified by the logo on the uniform and by the data attached to the photo, their location in school time!! 
  • Who wears an ID badge outside of school /college, or on public buses or trains?
  • You can be found on social media.


Photos– Don’t post naked photos or inappropriate photos – even with snapchat and other social networks people can screen shot and repost it

T-shirt and shorts rules – This rule is a great one for younger children. Get them to try on tshirt and shorts explain to them if anyone touches them where the tshirt and shorts covers they come tell you and you will deal with it.

Family Rules – Think about it before you post and would you show your family those pictures? Would they be proud of you. If not don’t post it

Don’t Get Trapped by the rules that are designed to protect you

  • Don’t post your phone number online – It can be reversed lookup and from that someone can find your details – through Facebook.
  • Don’t post your birth date – a scammer can id theft you.
  • Posting your address details – criminals can use Google maps to check out your house and find if there is a valuable car on the drive.
  • Don’t post your holiday pictures until you return – scammers and thieves scan the internet with tools for keywords such as “on holiday”  “having a good time” “weather is great” on Facebook. They keep an eye on your Facebook until you leave then break into your house

Phone Safety

  • Use cheap earphones – not the ones you have with your phone.
  • Buy a cheap and nasty case – no one want to steal it
  • Keep your phone hidden on public transport
  • Don’t access social media on the move – I can see your screen
  • Don’t use free Wi-Fi for anything bar looking up the menu
  • Don’t share your name, age, phone number with ANYONE you don’t know.